A 6 pages Website including  One Page with  an imbedded Youtube  Video  $ 300 Nothing else catches the viewers eye better than a motion picture.

It is a known fact, video and motion graphics are effective visual communications and will make a product or service more compelling which makes a good promotion to be, a GREAT PROMOTION, this is why motion design is so important. Another key factor is that many on the Internet already take in so much media content, so in order to get the attention, you need to visualize your message in a way that it is more convincing than just the subtitles on an image.


We specialize in creating videos and picture galleries using your or our created artwork in any format. We design custom artwork based on what our client like to show to the potential buyers. We use the full suite of design software from companies like Adobe, Affinity and many others. We have a large library of effects and plugins which enables us to get the best results quickly and effectively. If you have a website, a video imbedded is the excellent way to promote your company or product, I can assure you that we can help your company or organization create the most effective video possible and visualize vital aspects of your services or products. Our service include audio in any form; voice or just custom music tracks,

Some facts are:
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Video & Graphic Design BY Creative Web-Design 647 427 0236 marius@aaa1.me A Video on your Website Is better than 1000 words.

Video content has been successfully used for many years. Large companies for a long time already made extensive use of film and video promotion. However, today this technology has become available to any small businesses or large corporation. This is due to the newest development of digital projection technology that becomes available at a fraction of the cost.The new way of video design and the media options like YouTube have resulted in a demand for experienced designers to developed video content for the purpose of promoting products, business, instructing and teaching. The term "Projection Designer" stems from the days when slide and film projectors were the primary source of projection but is now used worldwide for many purposes of which one is advertising and promotion of products and services.